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Window Tinting For Your Car

Gorilla Kustoms is a Sussex based window film installation company.

Gorilla Kustoms can tint any vehicle whether it is an old classic or something brand new and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal time and time again by operating in a controlled environment to ensure a high quality installation and this usually takes around 3-4 hours to complete. Once installed you will be able to operate your windows straight away and you will not experience peeling, cracking or bubbling of the film.

We are proud installers of Suntek Carbon XP film. This film features non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology and a non dyed black finish the will not fade. It also offers outstanding heat and infrared rejection with UV protection and zero mobile device signal interference. Depending on the chosen shade window tint will provide increased levels of privacy and our films also provide shatter proofing should the glass be broken. The film comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and our installation is guaranteed for the time that you own the car.

All of our installations remain road legal meaning that we will not tint the front side windows or the front windscreen.

If your vehicle already has window tint applied then this will need to be fully removed before any new tint can be installed. Tint removal will add time and labour costs so please call now for more information.

Window Tinting For Your Home

At Gorilla Kustoms we don’t just offer vehicle window tinting, we can also take a similar approach with any residential projects.

More and more people are having specialist films applied to the windows in their homes, conservatories and other external buildings. As there are no legal requirements in terms of visible light transmission for residential window films the choices are wide ranging.

There are very thick films which once bonded to the glass can address security concerns by dramatically reducing forced entry times. Security films will also provide shatter proofing to any glass that is broken.

There are films that can reflect away light and heat by utilising a silver mirrored finish.

If privacy is your issue then there are a range of frosted to full black/white out films that can be deployed.

Films with low emissivity that can offer a reduction of incoming solar heat and glare in the summer, but also reduce the heat loss through the glass in the winter are also available.

We can supply all of your residential window film needs.

Window Tinting For Your Business

Are your employees struggling with daytime sun glare on their computer monitors?

Is your air conditioning taking the strain during the warmer summer months?

Do you need to add manifestations to your internal glass or some frosted privacy for your conference rooms?

Perhaps you simply want your customers to be able to enjoy their food and drink without being looked at by passers by?

There are window films to solve all of these problems and Gorilla Kustoms has a wealth of experience in helping you choose the right product for installation.